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Fried Calamari. Served with marinara sauce. $ 9.00                                                                                         

Fried Mozzarella. Served with marinara sauce. $ 7.00                                            

* Carpaccio Di Manzo. Thin slices of raw beef tenderloin with olive oil, pepper, salt, arugula and parmigiano regiano cheese. $ 10.00                            

* Carpaccio Di Salmone. Thin slices of salmon marinated in salt, pepper, lemon, olive oil, chopped tomatoes, onions and cappers. $ 10.00                    

Provoleta Mamma Mia. A tasty piece of Argentinean provoleta chesee over grilled eggplant and roasted peppers. $ 10.00

Chorizos (2). Argentinean style sausages (2 per serving). Served with our chef 's fries. $8.00

Mollejas. Grilled sweet breads.$7.00

Eggplant Rollatini (2). Pieces stuffed with ricotta cheese, fresh spinach in marinara topped with melted mozzarella cheese. $ 7.00

Empanadas de carne o pollo. Argentinean style empanadas filles with your choice of meat or chicken two per portion,served with our chef s fries.$7.00

Burrata. Very soft rich of puglie mozzarella topped with prosciutto di parma and aragula. $ 14.00


Add Chicken $ 4.00   Add Shrimp $ 7.00

Caesar Salad. $ 7.00 

Caprese Salad. $ 10.00

House Salad. Mixed greens, tomato, carrot. $ 6.00

Chef's Special Salad. Combination of mixed greens, artichokes, sundried tomatoes,olive and capers,topped with grated parmesan cheese. $ 9.00





* Bife de Chorizo. Grilled New York Steak. Served with our fries and salad. $ 20.00        

* Vacio (Grilled Flat Meat Steak). Served with our fries and salad. $ 17.00

* Veal Parmigiana. ​ Breaded veal topped with mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce served  w/pasta marinara and soup or salad.

* Veal Marsala. Veal Medallions sauteed in while wine and mushrooms served w/pasta same sauce and soup or salad.

* Veal Picatta. Veal Medallions sauteed in while wine cappers and lemon served w/pasta same sauce and soup or salad.



                * El consumo de carnes crudas o poco cocidas, pollo, mariscos o huevos puede aumentar el riesgo de enfermedades transmitidas por alimentos. 

* Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or egg may increase your risk of food-borne illness.




Chicken Marsala.    Chicken breast sauteed with chopped onion and  mushrooms in  marsala wine served mashed potato. $14.00

Chicken Parmigiana. Breaded chicken breast topped with mozzarella in marinara sauce with pasta marinara. $12.00 

Chicken Giovanni's. Chicken breast sauteed with white wine topped with  roasted pepper fresh spinach and mozzarella cheese. Served with mashed potato. Soup or Salad. $ 16.00 

Pollo Grille. Grilled chicken steak, served with vegetablesand salad.$13.00 


Chicken Siciliano. Breaded chicken breast topped with eggplant marinara and mozzarella cheese.Served with pasta same sauce.Soup or Salad $ 14.00 

Chicken Francess. Chicken cooked in lemon, white wine and broth. Served with pasta same sauce. Soup or Salad. $ 14.00

    pasta e risoTtO   

All pastas served with soup or salad 


Chicken Cannelloni​. In Pink sauce. $14.00
Ravioli Ricotta and Spinach​. Homemade pasta filled with ricotta chesse and spinach in a ligtht butter and sage sauce. $ 14.00
Mezzaluna Di Granchio. Half-Moon shaped pasta filled with crab meat, served in a lobster creamy sauce. $19.00
Cannelloni. Homemade cannelloni filled with a mixture of ricotta cheese, ham and walnuts in a light white and red sauce. $ 15.00
​​Gnocchi Quattro FormaggiHomemade potato dumplings in a delicious sauce combining four different cheeses. $ 14.00
Lasagna di Carne. $14.00

Linguini Frutti Di Mare.  Mussels, clams, calamari, shrimps and fish bits sauteed in olive oil and garlic, served over linguini, choice of red or white wine sauce. $ 20.00

Risotto Di Gamberi. Italian arborio rice served with shrimps, fresh asparagus and saffron. $ 19.00

Risotto Rosso Pescatore. Italian arborio rice blended with tomato sauce and assorted seafood. $ 20.00

​​Risotto Filet Di Manzo Trifolato. Breaded chicken breast topped with eggplants marinara and mozzarella cheese. Served with pasta same sauce,

soup or salad. $ 20.00

​​Tortellini de Pollo E GoudaHomemade pasta filled with chicken and gouda cheese in dark cherry and balsamic sauce. $ 15.00


​​Salmone Alle Fragole E Balsamico. Fresh salmon fillet sauteed in balsamic vinegar sauce and fresh strawberries served with mashed potato,

soup or salad. $ 19.00

Fish Aragosta E Gamberi. Fresh fish fillet sauteed with shrimp in a ligth and creamy lobster sauce, served with mashed potato, soup or salad. $ 20.00

​Fish Francess. Fish fillet, light breaded with flour,egg sauteed in white wine and lemon sauce served over linguine pasta, soup or salad. $ 16.00

​Shrimp in Garlic​. Shrimp sauteed with olive oil and garlic white wine, and fish broth served over linguine, soup or salad. $ 17.00

Salmone al Fico. Fresh Salmon sauteed with zinfandel wine, figs and a touch of honey. Served with mashed potato, soup or salad.$ 19.00

Grilled Fish Filet. Served with mashed potato and vegetables. $ 14.00

Shrimps and BrocoliShrimps Sauteed with white wine broth and garlic served aver pasta, soup or salad. $ 18.00

Zuppa di MareSeafood soup with mussels, clams, shrimps, fish and calamari. $ 20.00

Linguini alle Vongole. Served with fresh clams roasted garlic in white wine sauce with soup or salad. $ 17.00